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Advantages and Uses of Ceramic Fiber and SS Tie Wire


Christy Jackson

There are a variety of ceramic fiber products which include ropes, cloth, braids, tapes, Sleeving and much more. The textile of ceramic fibers is made using alumina silica ceramic fibers of proportion, 53% of silica and 47% of alumina and this textile material is free of asbestos. The fiber textile materials from ceramic has a wide range of applications for industrial purposes. They have strong resistance to the corrosion attack and thermal shock and have good chemical stability. These fibers are further used for insulation purposes, as they have the capacity to withstand the highest temperatures. The final products come in the form of boards, blankets, bulk fibers, felts, textiles, paper and vacuum formed.

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This type of fibers with ceramic characteristics are light weight with good strength and thermal shock resistance tendency, thus they make it very useful for all industrial usages. The ceramic boards and blankets with high temperature resistance for shipbuilding for insulation purposes and to prevent the spread of fires. They are further used for heat containment purposes. The ceramic blankets are also used in automobile industry for insulating catalytic converters. They are also used in space vehicle engines and aircrafts. The uses are ceramic blankets are further extended to metal industry, as they are used for insulating the furnace interior. The ceramic boards with blankets for the furnace insulation purposes are designed for producing temperature up to 1,400 degree Celsius. The ceramic boards are moreover used as kiln backup insulation and furnace and thermal covering for lining ladles, for stationary steam generator and as covered insulation for the magnesium cells.

SS Tie wire offers many benefits in construction, home maintenance, electronics, engineering works and many more. There is always a need for material to hold things to an other object which is also quick in work. In this application, the tie wires are of great use. The stainless steel tie wire enables to connect any building materials quickly and easily. Moreover, they are best for any temporary and permanent purposes. The tie wires are very durable and good in quality. Therefore they can be used for any permanent attachment purposes. You can also use the stainless steel tie wires as conductor in electric current, whereas other types of materials can be used only for insulation. These tie wires are made using two grades of stainless steel such as, 304 Grade and 316 grade. The 304 grade made wires are used for making baking trays, baskets, balcony rails and stainless steel rope. The 316 grade wires are used for ship and boat constructions. These wires are the best option for reducing the formation of rust especially in the places that are closer to the sea. This is also used for making metal jewellery as the stainless steel coating would give shiny, smooth and sterile appearance to the jewel. To say, the many uses of this tie wire are spread across as they are made from good quality stainless steel material which is a diverse material used today for many purposes.

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