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Submitted by: Annie Deakin

Do you know how to figure out your new boss by the chairs placed in his cabin? Ever wondered what the new boss is going to be like? Have you spent weeks trying to figure out Mr. Grim inside that glass cabin at the end of the corridor? Here’s how to find clues to your boss’ personality by the chair he uses and keeps in his cabin for visitors.

Steer clear of bosses who recline in high-backed towering four-legged ‘things’. They are likely to be extremely bossy and insistent about everything they say and do. You better not try arguing with a boss whose chair back looms large behind him. Such bosses particularly use high-backed chairs to appear domineering and feel a sense of power over everyone around.

Most bosses know how to look busy all the time but if you’ve got one who’s using a chair with wheels then be sure he’s a bit laid-back. This guy doesn’t wish to get up and pull out a book but would rather roll along to the bookcase. Chairs with wheels are usually meant for offices with several workers in a hall. This boss possibly would be easy on you if you gave him a genuine excuse.

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Then there are the bosses who want a clear line between themselves and every visitor or colleague who comes in to the cubicle. They keep different chairs in the cabin. The chairs meant for everyone are the regular ones while his own is of considerable better quality. Talk of ‘chair racism’.

Don’t be fooled into thinking bosses who use chairs with arm-rests want to sneak out snooze hours. These bosses are possibly more rigid and tied down to a regular schedule than others. Modern office functioning with ergonomically designed tables and computer cabinets makes arm-rests almost redundant for chairs.

Speaking of modern furniture, you will need to pull up your string to keep pace with bosses using stylish and New Age chairs with snazzy designs. These are the bosses who would give you plenty of brownie points if you praised them in public and dressed well to work. Bosses using ultra-modern chairs want to make a mark with their individual tastes. On the other hand, bosses who insist on chairs designed with orthopedic considerations to support the back for long hours are the fitness conscious ones. They like to work hard and work out hard as well. You may as well join the gym yourself. These are the bosses who will possibly land up at work after an exercise session and throw their gym towel over the back of the chair. Swivel and wooden chairs are a great giveaway too. Bosses using the former are more flexible while those using the latter are likely to be more stable and difficult to please.

You can start your ‘chair-check’ the moment a new boss takes over charge. Does he change all the chairs in the cubicle where the old boss used to sit or simply adjusts to the old furniture? If your new boss is not bothered with any changes he is likely to have no ego problems but you’ve got to be lucky to find a boss who doesn’t overhaul a cabin occupied by his predecessor.

Also, chairs can give only basic clues to your boss’ behavior, if you’re looking for a promotion you better get down to other tactics.

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