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By Gavin Dye

There are many way you can use Solar Power around your home & garden, here a just a few that can get you started in saving money and helping the environment.

1. Solar Garden Lights

Why go through the expense of digging up your garden and laying cables, when you could use Solar Powered Lights. They are easy to install and an attractive way to use Solar Power. They charge during the day and automatically turn on at dusk. You do have to think about where you place them in the garden, so they can get a full charge during the day.

2. Solar Water fountains

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Easy to install and they can be a charming addition to any garden pond. Having a fountain can also keep your pond healthy, by stopping the water in the pool from stagnating. The sound off running water is also known way to relieve stress.

3. Solar Battery Chargers

Why charge the batteries for all your gadgets like you mobile phone or Ipod from the mains when you could use a Solar charger wherever you are. Solar Panels now come in many shapes and sizes. Some varieties can be rolled up so are easy to carry; you can even get them built into rucksacks. You can get a charger specifically designed for the Ipod, which uses solar power.

4. Solar Pool Heating

Why not use Solar Power to heat the water in your pool and then keep that heat in the pool by using a solar pool cover. If you are still heating your pool using power from the mains, you are literally making your money evaporate into the air.

5. Solar Panels

Create power or heat water for your home to help reduce your heating bills in the long run, the Solar Panels can be fitted to your roof and the suns light is converted into electricity or used to heat the water for your home. This is the most involved way to use Solar Power in your home, if you want to go this route, I would employ professionals who will be able to advise you in what the best plan of action would be, and the possible savings.

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Busselton To Margaret River Distance


Benji Leggate

If you are searching for Busselton to Margaret River distance, you are probably thinking of visiting these wonderful places in Western Australia. Busselton is a city in the South West, located about 50 km and just 30 minutes away from Margaret River. Visitors love going to the untouched coast of Geographe Bay which has some great spots for scuba diving. The warm sparkling waters found here are also home to plenty of colorful tropical marine life. Ranked as the country s best artificial reef, Busselton Jetty is amongst the best diving spots in Australia. For those who don t like going underwater, there are loads of other things to do. Whale watching from October-December is another activity that attracts a lot of tourists to Busselton.

Those looking for Busselton to Margaret River distance should visit both these places because they are equally amazing. Margaret River is known the world over for its fine cuisine and amazing wine. If you stop by for a visit, be sure to visit the visitor center to learn about how this region produces its spectacular Rieslings, Chardonnays and Sauvignon Blancs. And of course, no visit to this wine region would be complete without trying some of the amazing local produce. The chocolate and cheese factories are both worth visiting. If you are not that much of a food lover, make sure you check out at least some of the 40 amazing surfing spots found in the region.

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If you are looking for Busselton to Margaret River distance, you should know that both these places offer loads of fun-filled activities for all kinds of travelers. Busselton is the oldest and largest town in Margaret River and over time, has transformed into a very popular tourist destination. Perthites, in particular, come here regularly in search of a fun weekend break.

Many travelers look for Busselton to Margaret River distance because they want to stay in Busselton and explore the wine region from there. This is a smart thing to do because Busselton has so many excellent accommodation options. From resorts, hotels, motels, B&Bs to caravan parks and self-contained properties, this magnificent city has it all. Some brilliant amenities are available for events, conferences and groups as well.

If you are searching for Busselton to Margaret River distance, you shouldn t think twice about visiting both these amazing places. The journey itself will be so much fun as you drive through about 50 different wineries on the way as well as some microbreweries and cheese factories so come along and be prepared for a great time.

Benji Leggate – Owner of The Margaret River Guide, follow this link to visit the guide and read more on

Busselton To Margaret River Distance

, in South West Western Australia and all other local attractions.

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Difference between Eye Lift Cream and surgery


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Difference between Eye Lift Cream and surgery

In case you want to make your skin firm near the eye area then there are basically two options available for you that is eye lift cream and surgery. When you know the difference between eye lift cream as well as surgery you will be able to make the right decision.

Do you want to lift your eye area skin? How about making use of eye lift cream prior to opting for surgery? In order to stay away from wrinkles as well as fine lines there are lots of people opting for eye lift surgery. But the important question that you need to ask is that whether you can have faith on the someone for slicing your under eyes.

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In case you are seriously worried about the beauty then you would surely know what all these means. In case you want to decide between eye lift cream and surgery then you need to think about it well and hard. After all it is the matter of your eyes and so it is important for you to know what is good and what is not.

When it comes to eye lift surgery you need to know that it is not similar to that of the tooth extraction or piercing. This is the surgery that will involve eyes which is the first thing that will attract your eyes.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that mistakes can be done by the professionals. There are fewer chances of mistakes with the good doctor but then there are few chances also. On top of that you will have to go through the conditions due to the procedure as well as medications taken by you. With this surgery you will have to bear lot of pain.

Making use of eye lift cream is not frightening like that of the surgery. The worst thing that you can get by using eye cream is allergy. Just make a comparison between allergy and the complications by surgery like infections. When you make comparison you will be able to find that allergy will have less impact on your life as compared to infection.

In order to stay away from allergy that can be due to applying eye lift cream is by seeking advice from the dermatologist for safety precaution. Other thing that you need to do is to know the brand well. The foremost thing that you need to do is to test your skin and find the suitable cream according to your skin type.

Another thing that you need to know is that eye lift surgery can be expensive. For this you might have to pay thousands of dollars. In comparison to this making use of eye lift cream can be a good idea as it is very affordable.

Home Spa Collection offers you a wide range of products for skin care. You can buy skin care products, eye lift cream, etc. You can also find great Eye Lift Cream here.

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Might heavy rain keep my drain field lines flooded out


Bart Hendrix

When the rainy season comes, flooding always becomes an issue especially with septic systems that have drainage problems in the drain field lines. This can become more of a severe problem with homeowners that live in flood zones or areas where the water table is relatively high. These areas are some of the toughest zones to try to install and maintain a functional septic system. In some areas, there are times when you cannot go outside without wearing boots and the surround yard areas become a complete mess of muck and mud.

Your septic system s drain field depends on gravity to keep liquids flowing out to the field lines for absorption. It is comprised of trenches that are lined with perforated piping and filled with gravel. These drain field lines are the components that function so as to equally distribute the wastewater through the subsoil s below the system. The drain field is responsible for the secondary treatment of the household s wastewater as it enters the trenches. The wastewater is them further filtered by the bio-mat before it is finally absorbed by the surrounding soil.

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If you have a weak system, you may start to notice that your drains become slow whenever it rains heavily and your toilets may make strange noises, sometimes flushing at a slower than normal rate. It can really be frustrating when wastewater starts to backup into your home and if the backup is driven by rainwater, only Mother Nature knows how long the flood battering will continue. The backing up of the sewage happens simply because it has nowhere else to go and that the flooding in your yard has greater pressure and pushes back the wastewater into your home.

Consider the leaks or damages that can be present somewhere in your septic system. These leaks or damages can be a cause of floodwater take in or a leakage in the wastewater out into the surface of the drain field. Sediments may also enter the pipes in the drain field or distribution box that may cause blockages. As a result, the water will not be absorbed as quickly as it should and may backup to the surface of the yard, above the drain field. This is aggravated by rainfall or excessive use of water in the household.

If you have ruled out other causes of leakage and are certain that your drain field is flooded, the first thing that you have to do is to reduce the amount of water that your household consumes everyday. Doing so will decrease the water flow into the tank and lessen the water load in the system. Next is to plug the floor drains where the wastewater could backup to. You wouldn t want to wade in sewage until the problem is solved. Try to flush only once a day per person or use a portable potty along with off site laundry care in emergency situations. Fewer showers won t hurt, too. Too many showers lower and even deplete the bacterial population in the septic tank. When this happens, the solid wastes are not properly digested, resulting to the drain field blockages or clogs that make things worse when flooding occurs.

Don t fret. Once the water output has been reduced, plan a treatment course based on the amount of people in the home and the size of the system. You can obtain help from a remediation professional who specializes in restoring drainage to weakened or clogged drain field lines here on this site. If there is no visible or probable damage to your septic system then everything should return to normal after committing to water reduction followed by various drain field restoration treatments. While some drain field systems are flooded as a result of breakage, most systems are simply clogged and can usually be corrected through diligence and the right tools.

I enjoy running and by day work as a systems remediator repairing septic systems and wastewater treatment facilities

rain flooding drain field

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