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By Brenna A. Welker

Are you planning to attend a baby shower but confused on what items to choose for gift bags? If so, read this article and follow the suggestions and tips mentioned below.

Baby showers are organized not only done to greet expectant parents, and also to welcome the baby. The event was celebrated since the early part of 20th century and it evolved along with time. No matter what country or strata you belong, gift giving is always associated with the event.

According to history, baby showers were held to celebrate the coming of the first baby of the family, but it changed along with the passage of time. Previously, only women, close friends and family members attended the event, but at present, men and other relatives are welcome to join baby showers. Moreover, it also became common scenario to have baby showers for potential adopted children.

As guest of the event, it is just right to give something for the baby and the mother. However, with myriad commercial items found in the market, most often, you are confused as to what gifts to select.

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Baby shower gift baskets are creative gift ideas to give to babies and their mothers. Depending on their needs, you can either buy commercial products found in department stores or you can customize these items yourself to include the essential needs of the infant, like feeding bottles, baby blankets, baby care products and other baby products. You can also personalize your gifts by knitting baby clothes or making a quilted blanket or comforter for the baby. You can also buy ready made gift bags found in stores.

Before you buy gift items, you need to consider your budget, the theme of the event and the gender of the baby.

Selecting the right gift for your baby does not need to be stressful, you can enjoy shopping for these items if you already have idea what products to buy. If you plan to give not only one gift but a basketful of goodies to both the mother and the infant, you can do so by combining different items in the basket.

You can include nursery items, such as nursery rhymes CD, baby albums, baby mobiles or crib bedding. If your budget permits, you can give a deluxe gift pack comprising of baby crib, stuffed animals, layettes and baby pillows.

You can also give a gift basket full of infant toys, like pacifiers, rattles, piggy bank, teething toys, teddy bears and baby books. You can also give gourmet gift basket containing goodies, like cakes, cookies, cheese and other homemade gourmet foods.

You can also give the child’s mother gift items, such as scented candles, clothing, cosmetic baskets, aroma therapy sets and many more.

If you only have limited time shopping for these items, you can always surf the Internet and browse for online retail sites that sell baby shower gifts. There are several online sites that specialize on baby gift baskets. In these sites, you can easily find decorations, invitations, shower favors and other baby shower supplies.

About the Author: Brenna A. Welker enjoys writing for Crazy Baby Clothing Company which sells funky baby gift and rock baby clothes as well as a host of additional products.


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