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Disability Benefits for Gender Identity Disorder


Emely Porter

Gender identity disorder has been variously theorized by the doctors and psychologists. The most common understanding of this disorder is that a person going through this problem is not satisfied with his gender and constantly wants or desires to be the opposite sex. Such persons feel that if they would have been the other sex, then they would be more contented with life or life would have been easier and better for them. In terms of psychology, this disorder is also referred to as transsexuality or transvestism. Many people suffering from this disorder do not really feel that they have any disorder at all.

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The causes are difficult to understand and in most probability is a result of psychological complications in a person. It may pretty much develop in the womb. It may be the result of some hormonal imbalances. If you notice that a toddler displays qualities akin to the opposite sex then it is pretty much likely that these qualities will be displayed at a later stage in life as well.

The symptoms are many and vey easily seen with people suffering from gender identity disorder. Such people will show a strong identification with the opposite sex. They will show a strong liking for the things associated with the opposite sex. They will show a strong discomfort with the roles associated with their sex. Such people also show a strong inclination for being accepted by the people of the opposite sex. They like the things associated with the opposite sex. Sometimes the dressing style of such people is also pretty much like that of their opposite sex. All this behavioural patterns are very easy to see and in case a person is showing such behaviour, then it can safely be said that they are suffering from the gender identity disorder.

There can be many complications for the people going through this problem. Their normal day to day functioning can be affected. Society may see them with disrespect which may lead to depression in such people. They can be verbally or physically abused by other people and they are often ridiculed. All this may lead to psychological complications.

Many disability benefits are available for people who are undergoing this problem. Canadian Government offers a lot of assistance to such people. Canadian Disability Corporation (CDC) helps all such people by providing information and assistance about their rights and benefits. CDC helps in getting the disability benefits for such people. The assistance is personalized; once you fill the online application giving all details, the experienced professionals will help in every way. They help provide information as well as assistance from the government.

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