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Choosing the right vacuum cleaner for hotel housekeeping staff is a decision that management often gets wrong. This is because some types of vacuum cleaners are better than others for vacuuming of different floor surfaces, area sizes and general objects.

What is most important though, especially for allergy sufferers, is choosing a vacuum cleaner that picks up all kinds of dust particles without escaping back into the air. This is a vacuum with HEPA filtration. In vacuums, HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filters prevent even the smallest dust particles and irritants from re-entering the air after vacuuming.

Uprights Vacuums – the best for deep-cleaning and removing maximum dust from carpet floor because of its motorised power-head or beater brush that agitates to spread the carpet fibres to remove maximum dust. As upright vacuums are designed to be operated in longs laps they are much more efficient in large areas like hotel corridors compared with canister or back pack vacuums.

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The Duplex FastVac with motorised power-head, multi layered dust bag and HEPA filter is great for trapping dust particles without releasing most back into the air; an excellent hard floor sweeper, removing hair from carpet and cleaning under furniture; and can be used for vacuuming of walls, furniture and shelves.

Canister Vacuums — these vacuums cleaners are generally used for vacuuming hard floor or carpet in smaller areas and furniture. This is because canister vacuums are used with a hose and wand set up that requires a manual scrubbing action to generate agitation. For vacuuming of large areas like corridors the use of canister vacuums is highly inefficient and physically draining on staff. In fact, the incorrect use of canister vacuums for large areas is a major cause of repetitive strain back and shoulder injuries suffered by housekeeping staff.

CleanAir canister or barrel vacuum with a high grade HEPA filter, allergy guard and triple layered dust bags has a 99.997 percent dust filtration rating. This is ideal for preventing dust from re-entering the air and for use by housekeeping staff that suffer allergies. CleanAir is also super quiet compared with most vacuum cleaners which is ideal for keeping noise levels at a minimum whilst valued guests are still sleeping.

Backpack Vacuums — are designed for mobility and quick vacuuming of either small areas of carpets or hard floors. Like a canister vacuum the backpack vacuums use a hose (short) and wand system that requires a manual scrubbing action to generate agitation. While back pack vacuums may be fast for housekeeping staff going between hotel rooms, the filtration quality and performance is usually less effective than uprights or canister vacuums.

The best area where backpack vacuums is of greatest benefit is vacuuming of stair ways. This is because an upright vacuum may be awkward or heavy to lift between stairs and a canister vacuum is not ideal for being placed on stairs as it may topple.

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