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By Hayley Merrett

When volleyball was first introduced to us it wasnt exactly the same old beach volleyball we were exactly used to. In fact, it was not even called volleyball at all, it was first known as Mintonette. Volleyball was created in 1895 in Holyoke, Massachusetts by William G. Morgan, a the time of his invention. It was a much less rough alternative to its indoor counterpart basketball, which had just been invented only ten miles away in Springfield. Back then and still today, from Morgan to Misty May (Olympic gold medalists) we all know that in volleyball setting is a very important and difficult technique to master. But all it takes is a little patience and a whole lot of practice and you can be a perfect setting machine in no time. But first things first what exactly is volleyball setting you ask, well the wait is over I will answer that question.

First off, setting the ball is the action of popping the ball upwards to set up a spike for your team mates. Although not the most physically demanding technique in volleyball, it is definitely one of the harder skills to master. Some people might tell you how important serving or spiking is. Though this may be true, without a set there can be no flashy spike. Not to mention without a volleyball setting being one of your teams strong points, then its probably going to be hard to keep the ball in your teams possession. Now that you know what and how important volleyball setting is to the sport, let me tell you how to perform the technique

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To begin a set one of your teammates will bump or pass you the ball in the air. If u are the player on your team chosen to be the setter you should always be ready for the ball to come your way. You must be very quick to react so that you are in a good position to set the ball. Start by holding your arms about six inches over your head, and hold in your hands in a diamond shape as if you was waiting to catch a football. Now bend your knees just enough to get a little flexibility. When the ball is in the preferred position, lift up your arms and legs simultaneously so you get your whole body in to set. Make contact with the ball at exactly the right time and you have got a great set. Make contact too early or too late and your set could be looking like a lame duck soaring out of bounds. Your objective as your teams setter is to get the ball flying high about a foot above the net or lower depending on your teammates leaping ability and height. You also need to try very hard to get absolutely no spin on the ball because this will make it much harder for your teammate to get a good spike. Follow these steps and practice and you will be a volleyball setting master by a week after you read this.

About the Author: Hayley Merrett, Author and Volleyball Coach

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