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By Victor Thomas

Netbooks are small mini sized laptop computers that come for much lesser price than a full fledged laptop and off course with less computing powers. A netbook is smaller than notebooks with smaller screen and keyboard and weighs much less than a regular laptop. These little boxes were an innovation on heavier laptops. What was most interesting about these little boxes was that the netbooks came in different interesting colours which made it look adorable and very charming to carry around. In fact they made a quite fashion statement when one walked around the city carrying this coloured netbooks under their arm. More than its attractive looks, netbook turned out to be a gift for those who worked a lot travelling. It is light and many wireless service providers marketed their data cards by giving free netbook for prolonged service usage. Some netbooks developed by popular brand supported Android OS.

Netbooks are available in some interesting colours. Their body has a very glossy finish which requires polishing with a cloth periodically. They come in colours like candy, lime green, lavender purple, Hawaii blue and pink. They are available in varied sizes ranging from 7′ to 10.2”. Most netbooks come with a screen resolution of 1024 x 600p. In average the netbooks measured 259mm in length 24mm in height and 185mm in width. Netbooks are now currently available in backlit LED widescreen type which gives it a very smooth look. Its smooth look along with its vibrant colours makes it a device which draws one’s attention.

The keyboard of this small machine is very compact. The keys are full sized and the board does not have an integrated number keypad. They are ideally spaced which is very comfortable for the user. The keyboard is coloured white while the rest are in one of the vibrant colours that the netbook comes in. There are 4 LED indicators that indicate power, cap lock, battery and there is a power button on the left corner of the keyboard.

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The touch pad of the netbook is in the same colour as the colour of the rest of the area and comes with a single button which acts for both the left and the right touch of a mouse. It is enabled with multi touch which accommodates touch like swiping and pinching. Netbook comes with integrated camera, microphone and speakers. The crystal eye camera gives excellent picture quality and the stereo speakers. The camera, microphone and speakers enable one to video chat online from any place any time. Most netbooks available in the market have 1GB RAM with extended capacity of 2GB of DDR3 type. The hard disk comes with a capacity of 250GB. The operating system of most netbooks is Android or Windows 7. These netbooks inbuilt operating system can be subsequently changed to another after a certain time.

Netbook comes with one power slot, VGA and 2 USB port. On the right one can find a 4- in-1 card reader, microphone and a head jack, USB port, Kensington port and RJ45 Ethernet port. What one cannot find in netbook is a HDMI port and an express card slot. It supports 820 11bgn wireless network connection for continuous internet connectivity. Browse the net to find the different models of Netbook available in the market and pick that suits your lifestyle.

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