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With its soaring demand at home and business forefronts, technology market, especially IT, has taken a huge leap. In the year 2013, the worldwide software revenue equaled $407.3 billion claiming a 4.8 percent increase as compared to previous year, as per Gartner. Microsoft with 65.7 percent share emerged the top gainer, followed by Oracle, IBM, and SAP with 29.6, 29.1 and 18.5 percent respectively. In terms of hardware market, Lenovo, HP and Dell were leading the race with 15,703,391, 14,214,195 and 10,185,964 million unit shipments in third quarter of 2013, especially in the desktop domain. Its relevant that tablets, smartphones and laptops occupy the lions share of the sales-wagon due to increasing users inclination towards them. Contribution of TVS, home theaters and gaming consoles are also giving subtle buoyancy to the technology market.

Understanding the growing technology investment budget and the peoples craziness towards the digital world, Techvedic which came into the foray of tech support in 2009, segregated its tech support vertical from the rest of its business, under a separate brand, i.e. EasyTechy to precisely focus on the core job. EasyTechy not only extended its support portfolio by embracing phones and tablets, gaming consoles and TVs & home theaters but also came with a better support module of On-Site support in the UK and the US. It was an approach to woo customers, particularly, who were less tech savvy. Now, anyone in the given territories can fix an appointment with its experienced tech support members to seek on-site support for technology device setup, installation, repair and diagnostic tasks. Some may considered the strategy to neutralize the growing popularity of its arch rivals like GeekSquad, but nevertheless, it would benefit consumers. They are in better position to bargain and experience highly customized support from the comfort of their home or office.

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EasyTechy experts, available over the phone or email, can instruct users to setup and install, diagnose and repair, secure and optimize different technology products. Consumers can also take advantage of its self-troubleshooting How-To guide available at the footer of the Website to address general technology issues related to Windows, Microsoft Office, Internet and network, gaming consoles, phones and tablets. They can also acquire expertise to calibrate their TVs and home theaters for enhanced picture and audio q quality. The knowledge base focuses on making use of the built-in repair and maintenance tools with any device. For instance, PC users can learn to use Windows Tools like Defragmenter or Disk Cleanup to fix any hard-disk errors. To clear of viruses and malware they may use the utility such as Windows Defragmenter and the Microsoft Security Essentials, which are freely available on the Microsoft site. Users can take lesson as how to make use of the free technical support resources like Windows Remote Assistance, Microsoft Fix It, and System Recovery Options. The first one is to seek remote technical support from family and friends. Anyone with a Windows 7 PC can establish a secure remote connection with a person whom he or she considers as expert. Users can also render their support in vice versa manner. The next tool, i.e. Microsoft Fix It is an automated tool to diagnose and fix computer problems. Low memory messages and more can be addressed by Memory Diagnostic Tool available with the System Recovery Options.

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