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Alternative Medicine Herbal and Ayurvedic Solutions


chaman goyal

Alternative medicine, is used as the instead of modern medicine to make relief the patient from the illness. Naturally, India is recognized as the birth place of the medicine. The use of the medicine was started in the Vedic era. At the ancient, Vedic era, there were two important books about the alternative medicine, charka samhita, and shursta samhita. Both the book is example of the golden history of the alternative medicine in the country, and consider as the earliest literature of the India.

Alternative medicine is mainly indicates the Ayurveda, or the herbal medicine. The meaning of Ayurvbeda means the complete Knowledge for long life. The Ayurveda is the combination of two words, Ayush, and Veda. Ayush means, longevity, and Veda means, related knowledge or science. So, Ayurveda remains the science of the life. Ayurvedic medicine in India gain the maximum number of popularity, in across the world, globally people are now taking the ayurvedic treatment. It has seen that the ayurveda can cure many of the disease and illness, which modern science cant do. In western medicine, ayurveda is indicates as the medicine.

Ayurveda medicine is requires the five basic elements of the human livelihood, such as; earth, water, fire, air, and the sky. In the Ayurveda treatment, the medicine, used are comes from the various plants. Herbal medicine in India spread across the country. In the Auyrveda treatment the medicines based on the plant such as; Arjuna, tulsi, Hibiscus, black paper, long paper and also the hundreds of animal products, such as; milk, bones, gallstones. Sometime in the Ayurvedic treatment, fats are also used as the external medicine. In the alternative medical theory, minerals; including, sulfur, arsenic, lead, copper, sulfate and even gold, silver also prescribed medicines .In Rasha shastra, alcohol used as the narcotic for the patients, those are going for the operation surgery.

Ayurveda got the nod of the Medical council of act, in the year 1970. According to the act, the alternative medicine or the Ayurveda has the similar importance as the modern medicine has. Now in the Country, there has over 100 colleges, offer degree in the alternative medicine. Even the government of India supports to research and do further studies in the traditional Ayurveda medicine. The state already gave sponsorship, to the CCRAS, or the Central Council for Research in Ayurveda and Siddha for the huge promotion of traditional Ayurveda medicine of the Country.

Ayurvedic medicine now gains a very important place in our day to day life also. SPA, Sauna treatment, Acupuncture, all is the different parts of the alternative medicine. Acknowledging the peoples demand in the Ayurvedic treatment, numerous number of Ayurvedic treatment centers are mushrooming in almost all the corner of the country. They offer treatments, to relief from the several non- curable diseases also. Some chronic pain, arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes and much other illness can be treating under the Ayurvedic treatment procedures.

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Bad Symptoms of Pregnancy Pregnant Women Should Not Ignore – When To Call The Doctor



Just how serious are the bad symptoms of pregnancy – Has your doctor confirmed that you`re pregnant, if so what wonderful news and especially more so if this is what you wanted. It `s an exciting time to hear of pregnancy and no doubt like other expectant women you start doing up the nursery, buy baby booties, baby mittens, diapers and even larger items like the pram and cot. It is sensible to be ready and prepared for baby`s arrival because them 9 months just fly by. Some women experiencing pregnancy for the first time tend to excite themselves that much, and would you believe, sit back and waits for morning sickness to happen and looks forward to the swelling belly. Big tummy and swollen ankles are common symptoms of pregnancy just like them early morning vomiting bouts which we accept as normal when carrying a baby, however not all symptoms suffered are classed as normal, in fact they can be nasty and signify problems in your pregnancy.

With it being your first pregnancy you are not expected to know what is normal or not, nevertheless if you “don’t feel right” regardless then see your GP or midwife.

Remember your body is changing rapidly that it’s sometimes difficult to know whether what you’re experiencing is natural. You are not to stress out over the bad symptoms of pregnancy because with medical monitoring and appropriate treatment healthy babies are being delivered all the time.

Below are some bad symptoms of pregnancy that should have you seek medical advice if you experience them

1 Severe or sharp upper- to mid-abdominal pain, with or without nausea or vomiting can signify severe indigestion, a tummy bug, food poisoning or pre-eclampsia which is a serious condition that requires immediate medical attention.

2 If you feel feverish and your temperature exceeds 37.5 degrees C / 100 degrees F but with no flu or cold symptoms call you’re GP, but if it scales to more than 39 degrees C / 102 degrees F, then “immediate” attention from your doctor is vital. (Infection is probable.) Never must you while pregnant attempt to relieve headache or backache pain with any type of medication without consulting your doctor first.

3 If vision is a problem it has to be checked out because this is not natural in pregnancy. Double vision, blurring, dimming, flashing spots or lights that last for more than two hours are not normal symptoms.

4 Swelling of the stomach is the norm but if swelling or, puffiness affects the hands, face and eyes then talk to the midwife.

5 Spotting blood without pain may be a normal sign of implantation, when the embryo attaches itself to the uterus early in the pregnancy or breakthrough bleeding. Medical attention should be sought after if you bleed during pregnancy because it could indicate a serious complication: Bleeding that is different from your normal period (heavier or lighter and often darker) with severe, persistent, one-sided pain in the abdomen can be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy. Heavy loss of blood, especially if shared with persistent back or abdominal pain, can be associated with a potential or actual miscarriage/. Never leave anything to chance; it is imperative for your health and your unborn baby’s welfare to have yourself examined sooner than later. Late into the pregnancy, bleeding may signify placenta praevia, placental abruption, which happens when the placenta starts to part from the wall of the uterus, or premature labour. As we delve further into the bad symptoms of pregnancy it may well be frightening you, this is not the intention. They are merely pointers of what bad symptoms are in pregnancy – for you to be able determine normal or not – so to keep you in good health while carrying your baby. Healthy stress free women deliver healthy stress free babies. An unborn baby can sense distress.

6 Leaking of fluid from the vagina before 37 weeks can mean that the membranes have ruptured prematurely. If this be the case in your case you may have to go into hospital for complete bed rest and treatment to prevent possible infection happening and to prepare your baby for possible premature birth. If it`s any consolation and you worry over baby coming to soon, well my son was born 8 weeks early weighing 3lbs who is now a strapping 6ft fella employed as a computer technician with several mathematician qualifications under his belt. They say good things come in little packages and he is living proof, even after being kept in “SCBU” (Special Care Baby Unit) for 14 days, this was because he couldn’t maintain his temperature and never knew what is his mouth was for when it came to feeding. The same guy eats me out of house and home now.

7 A sudden increase in thirst accompanied by little or no urination can be a sign of dehydration or gestational diabetes, which increases the risk of complications for you and your baby. There is no need to panic just because you drank 3 glasses of water today. You will know what is meant by a sudden increase if it should happen to you.

8 Painful or burning urination accompanied by a temperature shivering and backache are normally clear signs of a urinary tract infection.

9 Severe vomiting where you constantly wretch more than two to three times a day.

10 Continuous vomiting can dehydrate and tire you out, although it won’t harm your unborn baby. If you have severe bouts of throwing up (hyperemesis gravidum) it may require you going into hospital.

11 Fainting, dizziness and light headiness could be a sign of hunger. It is unhealthy to go without food when you are pregnant. Low blood pressure can cause these symptoms.

12 Severe lower abdominal pain on either or both sides means you could have pulled a ligament, or it may be a sign of an ectopic pregnancy miscarriage and premature labour, a fibroid degenerating and bleeding into itself or placental abruption.

13 Some babies stay dormant for considerable periods of time because they are lazy, however if the unborn baby’s movements slow down or cease for more than 24 hours after 21 weeks it could be that the infant is in distress.

14 All-over body itchiness late into pregnancy with or without jaundice, dark urine and pale stools are symptoms normally connected to hepatitis or another liver-based problem, such as obstetric cholestasis

Baby is well cushioned by the uterus and amniotic fluid so if you take a tumble it does not mean you have harmed your baby.

Although we speak of bad symptoms of pregnancy it does not mean they are that bad that they cannot be treated. We have millions of babies all over the globe who you may bet never came into the world quietly without giving mom some discomfort or “worries” throughout them nine months. All you need to worry about now are the sleepless nights that lay ahead that start from the day your child is born up until the day you die.

Feeling down has your hair

lost ists bounce and skin dull –

Looking after sensitive Pregnancy skin


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Use Powerful Natural Options To Treat Genital Health Conditions


Donnetta Fike

Genital warts are a health problem known as a type of STD (sexually transmitted diseases). This illness together with herpes virus occurs in people between 14 to 49.

Actually, reports show that warts are the most typical type of STD. Additionally, lots of people usually do not understand the distinctions between warts and herpes and mistake them for one another. You\’ll be able to find below some of the specific specifics which identify them.

The affected place in men are usually the area that is all around the anus and scrotum. The genital warts in ladies may cause severe discharges and bleeding, since the warts appear on internal areas of the cervix or the vulva. The genital warts may lead to itching, especially when they are in groups.

The first signs and symptoms of herpes virus take place usually in a week after direct exposure to the virus. It lasts for as much as one month. Women and men alike suffer from this health condition just like the genital warts. Among the typical symptoms which are observed in herpes virus are backaches, discomfort upon urination, headaches, tingling sensation or itching, appearance of small blisters which can burst and cause painful sores. It is likely that the particular person develop signs and symptoms very related to flu.

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When the initial symptoms take place, the individual needs to look for a doctor\’s help. The specialist should check this condition without delay. To stop any health complication, the treatment must start right away no matter whether the issue is caused by warts or herpes virus. official wartrol website

The three main aspects that need to be taken into consideration when beginning a treatment are how many genital warts, their visual appearance and the precise affected region. As a way to receive a complete healing, folks should get rid of the viruses that are in their physique. Listed below are some types of treatment options which might be applied in removing the genital warts:

The initial type of therapy is made by applying topical creams such as gels, lotions or other options suggested by your physician and implemented directly on the affected regions. Podofilox, Imiquimod, Sinecatechins and others are typically applied in this treatment. One of the the most preferred topical creams applied for warts elimination is Wartrol. It has been applied successfully during the last number of years. Wartrol reviews reveal that this specific skin gel has an amazing impact on this condition just in 4-6 months of use. Wartrol is documented to be 100% natural product that triggers no unwanted side effects at all, so a lot of people choose to go for this option.

Liquid nitrogen is another approach for warts removal. This process is usually made by a physician and is called Cryotherapy. The medical doctor gets frozen the warts to reach the desired outcomes. Then the blisters are replaed by a new skin. This approach is preferred by many people because of its little negative effects.

The electric current is also used in warts treatment, but is much less desired strategy. The procedure is performed under sedation and is called Electrocautery. The individuals typically steer clear of this therapy due to the issues and unwanted effects .

If you are on the phase of recovering then laser treatment could be a great option in your case. During the therapy, patients are offered a local anesthesia when a lazer of high strength is applied to deal with the genital warts.

Yet another way is surgery. In this treatment, the surgeon simply eliminates the warts by cutting them out. Sufferers as well receive a local sedation.

Men and women who would prefer to try a home made solution to treat the warts, can try applying Vitamin E oil on the affected region. After that smashed garlic has to be put also on it and adhesive tape should be wrapped to the infected area. This treatment should be applied often for seven days and the genital warts will vanish entirely .

One more organic solution that\’s effective for genital warts is utilizing some juices such as onion juice. It may be prepared from onion slices that soak in water through the night. One more option would be to implement apple cider vinegar treatment. Additionally, patients should adhere to a strict diet regime which comprises mostly of fresh fruits like mango and leafy green vegetables, radish, and so forth.

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What is testosterone?

Testosterone is the basic male or sex hormone in men produced by the testes that performs and maintains various body functions e.g. muscle mass and strength. It encourages the development of male sexual characteristics (penis growth, muscle development and Masculine features), fat distribution; bone mass, sperm production, sex drive, and potency. For these characteristic functions, testosterone is also known as “Male Hormone”. Testosterone is also the most potent of the naturally occurring androgens. The androgens in general also cause the development of male sex characteristics, such as a deep voice and a beard; they also strengthen muscle tone and bone mass.

Production and release of testosterone

Testosterone is produced by the testes from the onset of puberty throughout adulthood under the influence of Adrenocorticotropic Hormone (ACTH). Sex hormones are manufactured from cholesterol which is converted to Pregnenolone by the ACTH. High levels of ACTH therefore stimulate greater manufacture of testosterone from cholesterol. Testosterone is indeed produced in large quantities in the testes, and androgens (the parent hormones that give rise to testosterone) are actually produced by two small glands next to the kidneys, the adrenals, in both men and women Penis enlargement videos enlargeyourpenisguide.com.

Testosterone is produced in both men and women however adult males produce significantly more than females. On an average, men have 10 times greater level of testosterone than women as the adult male body manufactures 2.5 – 11 mg per day while females only produce 0.25 mg through ovaries. This discrepancy causes many of the biological differences between the sexes including the penis growth and enlargement.

Significance of testosterone

Testosterone is so important because it plays many crucial roles in our bodies throughout our lives and even before we’re born. For example, testosterone helps to determine the gender of the fetus in the womb. Testosterone leads to the development of the male genitals (the penis and testicles) in the womb and at puberty helps all of the male characteristics to develop – like deeper voice, increased muscle mass, body and facial hair etc. Testosterone also continues to be important during all stages of a man’s life. In fact testosterone could be thought of as being central to a man’s mind, body and sexual function.

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Can you enhance your testosterone levels naturally?

As mentioned earlier, testosterone levels can have a direct impact on your health, especially your sexual health (including that of the penis) and the quality of your life. Testosterone increases will enhance your sex drive and muscle size. Here are some nutritional and dietary recommendations to raise your testosterone levels:

Lose fat: If you are too fat, then your testosterone level will be naturally low. Therefore, shed those extra pounds.

Have more sex: Sex triggers your body to produce more testosterone. When you get aroused you are signaling your sex organs to perform so they start taking action to follow that order. This is great news. Inform your partner/s to step up the action. The hotter that better.

Gain more muscle: Bodybuilders use compound exercises, exercises that use more than one muscle group, to accelerate muscle building. Free weights and squats increase this process.

Proper rest: Increasing your workout will fatigue you so you need to counter that with adequate sleep and power naps.

Monounsaturated fat: Research has found that men who ate diets rich in monounsaturated fat, the kind found in peanuts, avocados, fish and healthy oils like flax seed, olive and canola are a great way to naturally boost testosterone levels. Try not to eat too much fat but remember that the fat in any kind of nuts will push up your testosterone level.

Alcohol addiction: Research indicates that excessiveness of the alcohol use lowers testosterone levels.

5-6 smaller meals per day: The best way to fuel your body throughout the day is not the normal “3 Squares” but smaller meals with a good balance of low fat protein and complex carbs.

Specific foods to naturally increase testosterone levels

Cruciferous vegetables: Increase your dietary intake of cruciferous vegetables. Broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, turnips, cabbage and brussel sprouts have all been shown to dramatically reduce estrogen levels, thereby raising testosterone.

Oysters: Because of their high zinc levels, foods known to raise testosterone levels often are called aphrodisiacs. Oysters are one such food. The high zinc levels in foods like oysters help increase both testosterone and sperm production.

Avocados: Avocados are high in both vitamin B6 and folic acid. Vitamin B6 will increase male hormone production while folic acid is key in sustaining a high metabolic rate.

Eggs: Eggs are high in both vitamin B5 and B6. The presence of these vitamins helps balance both stress and hormone levels in the body. The helps ensure testosterone stays at a constant level.

Red meats and poultry: Red meats and poultry are rich in zinc, a strong testosterone promoter. Red meats like beef, mutton, and lamb along with chicken, goose and turkey provide the needed zinc and saturated fats that have been found to raise testosterone levels.

What if testosterone levels are high?

High levels of testosterone appear to promote good health (especially sexual health) in men. In addition, when the testosterone levels are high, a person is able to live his life to the fullest since he has a lot of energy. Men with high levels of testosterone are able to enjoy sex even more. If you are a bodybuilder with high levels of testosterone, your body will be able to achieve fast mass gain by just eating the right food and a proper training. These hormones are able to put you on a better state of mind.

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Alzheimers The Preventable Disease That Is Set To Hammer Baby Boomer. Part 1.


Vivienne Savill, ND., RN

I was talking to a friend this morning, who commented that her mother was holidaying with her & that she was dismayed to discover that she was showing signs of Alzheimer s Disease. Her mother could remember the long term things but not short term things, like the fact that she was on holidays at her daughter s house. Living some distance away, she arranged for a closer relative to take on power of attorney and the legal responsibilities, whilst seeing to more practical things, like getting rid of her mother s car. My friend found herself unable to go to work or leave her mother unattended for any length of time. This is just one example of how this preventable disease impacts on whole families.

It got me thinking about how so little is being done to prevent Alzheimer s Disease, even though research indicates that lifestyle and diet is a primary cause of this disease. Such is the estimated growth of this preventable disease, that the health care system in the USA is expected to come under huge financial strain as the baby boomers age. Other westernized countries such as Australia and United Kingdom should expect this same onslaught as more and more people develop dementia, become disorientated and require 24hr care.

Regardless of economics, if you have a family member who has had Alzheimer s Disease, the thought of developing it yourself is probably a scary one. If you think it is ok to worry about Alzheimer s Disease once you hit your 60 s or 70 s think again. The disease is sometimes called old timers disease , but brain ageing has been found to start at age 40. Change occurs with a set of genes that regulate the functions which are vital for normal brain function and protect brain cells from damage these changes are related to energy protection and transportation of protein in brain cells.

What makes us susceptible to Alzheimers?

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The factors that increase susceptibility include:

1.Unrelentless stress

2.Alcohol and substance abuse


4.Excess body fat and obesity

5.Standard western diet

6.Metabolic syndrome

7.Chronic illness such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease or hypertension.

In part 2, find out what you can do to help someone you know with Alzheimer s disease and how you can decrease your risk of developing this devastating disease.

To receive more information on healthy living and anti-ageing visit www.naturalhealth4longevity.com

Vivienne Savill is a naturopath & nurse who runs a natural health clinic. Vivienne has worked in the health industry for 25 years. She is passionate about teaching people how to heal, stay healthy or prevent premature ageing, through the use of natural medicine, diet & lifestyle. Vivienne is the author of numerous health and healthy cooking books. To receive more information visit www.naturalhealth4longevity.com

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Submitted by: Lawrence J. Reaves

Missing teeth can result from a number of circumstances. For example, one or more teeth may be knocked out during an accident; decay might compromise a tooth to the point that it needs to be extracted; or, advanced gum disease may weaken the alveolar bone (the bone that anchors the teeth), leading to tooth loss. Regardless of the cause, the space left by a missing tooth can appear unsightly. It can also pose oral health issues.

Dental implants offer a comfortable, natural-looking solution. This article will explain how they work, and describe the different types. You’ll learn how dentists place them and the factors that influence whether a patient is a good candidate.

Dental Implants Explained

A dental implant is a device (usually made of titanium) that is placed into a patient’s jawbone. There are three pieces to a conventional implant: the fixture, an abutment, and a crown. The fixture has a screw-like appearance. It is implanted into the space left by the missing tooth’s root, and fuses with the bone that surrounds it.

The abutment is a small piece that is placed over the top of the fixture. While the fixture remains below the gumline, and thus unseen, the abutment lies above the gum’s surface. It is typically placed several months following implantation of the fixture.

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The crown is a cap that is placed on the abutment. It is usually made of porcelain, metal, or a blend of both. The crown is fabricated in a laboratory to match the color of the patient’s other teeth.

Endosteal Versus Subperiosteal Implants

There are two major categories of implants – endosteal and subperiosteal implants. In the case of endosteal implants, these are those that are placed in the patient’s jawbone, similar to the natural root of a tooth. These are the most common form of implants used today. The patient’s bone must be wide and deep enough to support the fixture. Bone grafts may be necessary.

Subperiosteal implants are used when the patient’s bone lacks sufficient width or depth. These devices are placed on top of the gumline, and anchored by a special metal frame. The frame is implanted beneath the surface of the gums.

Procedure For Placing Dental Implants

In most cases, an implant can be placed with a local anesthetic. Once the area has been numbed, the dentist makes a few incisions into the gumline. The gums are peeled back to expose the jawbone. The bone is shaped (if necessary) to improve its smoothness.

Once the dentist has identified the target location of the implant, a hole is made into the bone. A series of drills are used to widen and shape the hole in preparation to receive the implant. The dentist will confirm the width and shape before inserting the fixture.

With the fixture installed, the gums are repositioned over the entry site, and sutured. The sutures are typically removed within a week, assuming the patient heals well.

Four to six months following implantation of the fixture, the abutment and crown are placed. The months leading up to this procedure allow the jawbone and gumline to heal, and allow the fixture to fuse with the bone (a process called osseointegration). The gums are peeled back to expose the top of the fixture, and the abutment is placed on top of it. Then, the crown is placed on top of the abutment.

Who Is A Good Candidate For Dental Implants?

Candidacy for the treatment is based on several criteria, including the patient’s overall health, existing medical conditions, and habits that might lower the likelihood of success. For example, patients who have suffered a heart attack in the recent past are typically precluded from having implants installed. Those with type II diabetes may likewise be poor candidates.

With regard to habits, smoking is the biggest concern since it tends to compromise the density and quality of the bone. Teeth grinding is also a concern.

There are other options for replacing missing teeth, including dentures and bridges. But dental implants remain one of the most popular approaches used today.

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