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For those who have been associated with IT works are definitely aware of Hitachi and its database systems. IT professionals familiar with Hitachi Data Systems can avail an ever growing and most reliable opportunity provided by Hitachi by just clearing one exam that is Hitachi Data Systems Certified Expert – Replication solutions architect coded as HH0-300 Exam. This exam will certify successful candidates to have the knowledge and skills in providing assessments, designs and plans that will meet the business requirements of HDS customers. In order to clear this exam and get certified, one needs to have all the essential knowledge regarding data replication software products. Hence, this is one big catch for IT professionals to get themselves into an environment where they can gain experience of dealing with high tech networks.

Targeted Audience

This exam targets specific IT professionals who are familiar with Hitachi Data Systems and other associated solutions architects.

What They Expect from You?

The sole purpose of this HH0-300 Exam is to assess your skills regarding business proposals, management and customer dealing and fulfilling customers business requirements. The HH0-300 Exam Deals with customer related information and data to judge customers business perspective. One needs to get hold on the art of providing solutions concerning with data replication software products such as Hitachi Thin Image, Hitachi Universal Replicator, Hitachi Shadow Image, Hitachi TrueCopy Remote Replication and Hitachi High Availability Manager software.

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Insight on Exam Details

HH0-300, Hitachi Data Systems Certified Expert – Replication solutions architect is a certification type of exam formatted in proctored and closed book pattern. The exam is conducted at Hitachi associated Prometric centers. The total number questions asked in the exam are 60 and time given to answer all the questions is 60 minutes that makes one minute per question. This makes it more difficult for the candidates as it will require candidates super time management skills. One thing to mention here, in order to avoid limitations for non-English speaking countries the time duration allotted for them is 90 minutes.


In order to register for the exam one just needs to find a registration form online from the official site and can follow the registration protocol. The registration fee is set to 200 USD in North America and 225 USD for candidates outside North America. The fee can also be pain in local currency equivalent to 225 USD.

Preparation Tools and Study Guides

In order to prepare for HH0-300, Hitachi Data Systems Certified Expert – Replication solutions architect exam, one need to get all the basic information and skills regarding aforementioned modalities that make the major bulk of the exam. For this purpose one can find online study guides and sample/assessment questions to practice or assess their knowledge.

What You Can Expect?

As mentioned above, Hitachi Data Systems Certified Expert – Replication solutions architect is a certification exam, which certifies you to have the right knowledge and skill to provide proposals, strategies and above all solutions to customer as per requirements. Those who have successfully cleared this exam can get benefit themselves by working Hitachis customers using Hitachis replication software.

In short, one can expect a bright and safe future in being associated with Hitachi Data System once they are certified.

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