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The personal touch is what differentiates a good business from a great one. If you wish to grow a small business which is sustainable, you need to create relationships with consumers. With the help of video marketing, this isn’t difficult to do. Here are six tips to use in your video marketing for great success.

Turn to Satisfied Clients for Help

Let your clients sell your products and services and explain how they obtained value working with you. When a client uses his or her own words, the message increases in power. You’ll also pump up your success stories when you use video to deliver testimonials.

Greet Visitors to Your Site with a Video

Add a video to your main web site page or landing pages. When visitors arrive at this page, they receive a personal warm greeting delivered by you, allowing you to establish a connection immediately. In addition, as an entrepreneur, you’ll find this allows you to create a create a call to action which has more power.

Do a Video Interview and Post It on Your Site

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Sit down and record a short, quick interview, with a business associate or friend interviewing you, and use the interview technique as part of your overall marketing strategy. Interview experts or others who can provide value for the client, and post either the whole interview or just quick clips. Don’t limit yourself to just your site either. Post the video or clips on your blog or YouTube. When creating these interviews, you may find you wish to use the Problem, Solution, Benefit format, as it tends to be very successful.

Use Video Lessons

Video lessons are beneficial when done properly. Teach clients and prospects about the various products and services you offer. Make sure they are educational, however, rather than sales-y or you will turn people off.

Add a Video to Your Ezine

Adding video to ezines livens up the information, With the video, you’ll find viewers are more engaged and their attention span increases. The video makes them feel as if they are sitting right there with you.

Include Video in Your Press Releases

Press releases are designed to provide information. Videos allow you to present this information and tell a story in a rich and engaging manner.

Create a Video People Can’t Wait to Share

Viral videos help to promote your brand, doing so in an entertaining way. With a fun video, you’ll find others can’t wait to share it, passing along value when they do so. Don’t expect educational material to be passed along though, as this type of blatant marketing won’t go viral, in most cases.

Video marketing allows you to set your business (and you personally) apart from others in your field and creates instant rapport with customers. Once you see how much fun it is to create these videos, you’ll want to do more. For simple videos, Flip Video HP is great, while some prefer for adding pizazz to an otherwise boring production. Putting these videos on your site, your blog, and YouTube will pay off in a big way. This marketing technique is inexpensive and simple, and yet provides great value for your money.

Add video marketing to your overall plan today. Only use video when it helps to create a personal connection though. When you do, you’ll find your business benefits in every way.

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Guide to Closing Your Pool in the Off-Season


Donald Munoz

The nights start getting a little cooler (40 degrees or less), and pool owners recognize it as the first sign that the season is preparing to change. The days warm enough to swim reduce gradually until they regularly are out numbered by the days that are too cool to swim. At some point, it can no longer be denied, the pool season is over!

When it’s time to get ready to close up your pool, taking the time to do it right will prevent problems during the winter and help avoid delays opening the pool when the warm weather returns. About three days to a week before you will close your pool, begin preparing it. Adjust the water chemical balance to the following ranges:

pH: 7.2-7.6

Alkalinity: 80-120ppm

Calcium Hardness: 180-220ppm

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Reduce filtering times gradually over a week

Once this is accomplished, shock the pool, following the package directions. When the chlorine level is 1.0 to 3.0, winter algaecide can be added and it won’t interfere with the effectiveness of the algaecide.

To avoid damage from freezing and/or snow, these items should be removed from a pool and stored for the winter:

Skimmer baskets (all pools)

Wall fittings (all pools)

Cleaners (all pools)

Ladders (above-ground pools)

Decks and rails (above-ground pools)

Solar covers (all pools)

Some pool covers require the water level to be lowered. Check the pool cover manufacturer’s recommendations. Use a submersible pump or the filter pump to lower water level if need.

Remove all plugs from equipment like pumps, heater, and chlorinator. Completely drain all equipment. If needed, blow out equipment so there is no water left to freeze and cause damage to the pool equipment. When possible, remove the pump and store indoors. DE filter grids and cartridges will need to be removed and cleaned. It is recommended to lubricate all o-rings and for gas heaters with cast iron plugs it’s a good idea to lubricate the threads.

The pool should be as clean and clear as you can make it. If you have been properly maintaining the pool, it shouldn’t be much work to skim and vacuum the swimming pool.

For in-ground pools if you can’t blow out the lines, add antifreeze, following package directions. Once lines are safe from freezing, install expansion plugs. For above ground pools, the lines can be disconnected. Putting large air pillows in an above-ground pool will help protect the liner.

When the pool is clear and the water is clean and at desired chemical levels, it’s time to cover it. A properly fitting cover is essential to proper pool closure.

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Guide to Closing Your Pool in the Off-Season