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By Derek Rogers

If you need customised bespoke connectivity for your business, companies that provide website hosting services can now provide you with virtual networks, Tier 1 partnerships and best of all, can completely customise your connectivity needs depending on your business size, whether or not you have remote locations, employees who work from home, etc. In addition, most companies provide customised service level agreements specific to your business requirements.

Other Connectivity Options

In addition to customised bespoke connectivity options, most providers now also offer cost-effective leased line options if you need to spend a lot of time online (much more cost-effective than traditional voice over IP Internet instance).

Other Services: What about Managed Hosting?

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Of course, a customised connectivity solution like bespoke connectivity lets you build exactly what you need for your business, including scalability, but there are also other important components to your business that shouldn’t be overlooked. One of them is the hosting solution you choose. Managed hosting can provide you with everything you need that dedicated hosting and servers can do, too, but it’s even better because it is less expensive than these options and is actually much easier to manage. This can be much easier for you than if you had to manage your own dedicated server.

Let’s say you have a dedicated server and you’re CPU or your drives fail. If that happens, not only will you have to start from the ground floor up and replace or rebuild absolutely everything, but you will also lose business, too, because you will need to spend some quite expensive downtime (that will hurt your bottom-line) rebuilding everything. Now, imagine that you have the same failures, but your business barely pauses before it continues to run smoothly. In fact, it might not even need “a pause” at all.

How does that happen?

With managed hosting, the data is securely stored with SANServe, so that if your drive fails, your server boots off the SAN; if you’re CPU or your fan fail, you can replace them quickly without ever losing any data. This then means your business keeps running smoothly no matter what else might happen.


Long gone are the days when having to network from various remote locations (or even just separate stations in one office) and that having lots of headaches, snakes of cable and downtime that meant lost business. Today, there are a myriad of networking capabilities that let you have anything you need at a very cost effective price, including bandwidth, security, hook-ups from remote locations and so on. You can have Ethernet connectivity, SDSL, or ADSL. In addition, you can have private networks (PNs) or virtual private networks (VPNs) that make sure privacy is absolutely ensured.

Bespoke connectivity and more

Today’s business solutions ensure that no matter what your business is, the connectivity, communications and hosting options exist for you to be as efficient as you need to be at a very cost effective price. Take a look at what today’s technology has to offer and bring your business on into the 21st century if it’s not already there.

About the Author: Derek Rogers is a freelance writer who represents a number of UK businesses. For business internet services, he recommends Iconnyx, one of the UK’s leading providers of

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