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Shoppers will always be delighted to view the diamond jewelry in a display case at a local department store. The salesperson will smile and greet them and try to introduce customers to many shapely options in diamond jewelry that are on sale that month. While the shopping clock ticks, the customer is likely to get a full education on the four C’s for diamond stones and hear all about the delightful options that make a diamond perfect for placing in rings, bracelets, and earrings.

The salesperson will be very motivated to talk about the clarity factors found inside diamonds. While the shape of the stone does not affect diamond clarity, the brilliance of the diamond will come through if some inclusions are not noticeable when the diamond ring is being viewed with the naked eye. Some diamond shapes can camouflage various imperfections due to where the diamond cut is made in the stone. These shapely options give diamond lovers the opportunity to save money.

Other shapely options for diamond jewelry will offer wearers the opportunity to wear impressive pieces of jewelry based on the size of the stone. The shaping of a marquis cut on a diamond is perfect for placement in diamond jewelry that is worn on the index finger as a complimentary piece of fine fashion jewelry. This diamond shape will also be quite suitable for wear as a left hand ring for engagement purposes, but the placement of smaller diamond stones in this ring setting could influence the visual appearance when those stones are placed in a ring guard.

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Most jewelry lovers migrate toward brilliancy found in round shaped stones. The shapely options could be worn in a circular cut stone pattern or one that presents more visual depth, such as the shape of a princess cut diamond. The visual effects of the princess cut diamond jewelry choices are very dramatic and brides will often select this diamond shapes for solitaire engagement ring settings. To save funds, the bride could elect a brilliant cut diamond, which is worn as a solitaire, and compliment it with a band shaped out of pure white gold or yellow gold.

The shapely options for diamond jewelry extend to those worn about the neck. A pear shaped diamond would make a marvelous pendant that would be perfect for gift giving for any holiday of the year. Oval cut diamonds on bracelets would make an elegant gift for a new graduate, and diamonds and pearls together would be the perfect combination of diamond jewelry shapes that would be perfect for gift giving to a new mother. Additional precious gems could be added at any time which would present other shapely options that many women find very delightful.

The color of the diamond stone is one of the factors that give diamond jewelry such flair. A woman would love to wear an anniversary band which is shaped as a band but affords the wearer the glitter that diamonds are known for producing. The shaping of diamonds will produce fiery blends of color that range from light yellow to bright blue. A shapely ankle would look very distinguished if it was adorned with a band of diamonds that were encased in platinum metals or 14-karat gold.

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