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Pregnancy massage therapy is a form of medical care performed on a patient during and after her pregnancy to help alleviate any form of body pain as well as improve and maintain a healthy disposition for the pregnant patient. This therapy reduces the risks of stress from physical and emotional factors affecting the patient that usually results to miscarriage or unhealthy pregnancy.

This type of therapy was developed many years ago as an aid for pregnant women and to improve the overall health of both the mother and the child. Pregnancy massage has long been used on hospitals and at home for these purposes for as long as one can care to remember. It focuses mainly on relaxing the expectant mother to avoid getting stressed out and to improve the blood and oxygen circulation of the mother and her baby.

The two different types of pregnancy massage both tackle the different stage of a mother and her child. The ante-natal is famous as a complementary medical aid and care for the expecting mother by making sure that she stays fit physically and mentally during the time of her pregnancy until she gives birth to her child. Postpartum rejuvenation is a follow-up treatment to regain form and get back on track for the mother after she gave birth. Both of these share the same goal of making the whole experience of having a child wonderful without worries. Below are the benefits of pregnancy massage on the patient:

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Relief from stress pregnancy is a blessing to most women, however it can also be a burdensome and bad experience to some expectant mothers as acquiring stress during this time is common. Women during this time are susceptible to any type of stress which also affects their mood.

Alleviates back pain due to the heavy load of carrying a child for nine months, pregnant women suffers from chronic back pain. The difficulty in securing a good sleeping position also adds to the burden of having back pain during this time. Pregnancy massage releases muscle tension and helps soothe the muscle tissues as well as correct the musculoskeletal pains of the patient.

Increase circulation like most types of massage therapies, this one also enhances the good circulation within the human body, however this time it s not only for the mother but also for the baby. Good circulation ensures a healthy respiratory and good heart rate for patients, the mother and her child.

Provides emotional support during massage therapy, touch stimulation on the pregnant patient helps a lot in providing a good circulation within the central nervous system which sends positive signals to the brain. In return, the brain sends back signals of good mood and positive emotions for the mother-to-be.

These are a few of the benefits a pregnant patient can expect to gain after some sessions of pregnancy massage. Mothers who just gave birth to their child can also benefit out of this massage therapy in the form of quick recovery and regaining of health and strength. However, never forget to get the advice of your doctor before adding this to your regular care.

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