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Buying Home Furniture on a Budget


Jordan Rocksmith

Decorating a home on a budget can be done in many different ways. Furniture stores in Destin, FL, and many other areas can get expensive, and things can add up fast when checking out at the register.

Furnishing a home is one of the most expensive things a homeowner will do, next to paying for the actual place itself. Many people believe they either have to hand over hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars to deck out their home with high-quality furniture or they need to buy worn-out, used, dirty, secondhand furniture at yard sales.

There are other methods to finding good and affordable furniture for your home, though. Here are two of the most popular.

Thrift Stores

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A local thrift store probably carries some usable furniture that can be doctored to fit the desired look and feel of a room. While this takes a bit of extra work, it is a way to pay significantly less for nice furniture. Spray paint and a finishing glaze are the secret weapons to a cheap refinishing job. Don’t forget to sand any wood furniture beforehand to prime it for being repainted.

Thrift stores are tricky, though, as their selections can be very poor and random. Of course, this depends on the thrift store and the community around it. Some furniture, like that horrible orange wood from the 70s, may be more difficult to fix up. Even if it can be recolored, shapes and sizes may not match correctly; however, this is possibly the cheapest option in retail for furnishing a home. It is what you make it.

Consignment Shops

With consignment stores, it is hard to go wrong. These stores are nothing like thrift stores, though people sometimes mistake them for being comparable. A consignment store is different from a thrift store because while a thrift store takes anything and every donation, consignment stores are picky. They stubbornly hold their reputation, and a good consignment store will consign only those items that will either increase or maintain the store’s credibility.

One of the greatest appeals of consignment stores is their whimsical, charming atmospherewhich is created by a combination of the building itself and the products in it. Basically, the store is decorated with its products. This means that furniture at consignment stores will always be high-quality, appealing to the eye, and unique.

Consignment store furniture is often vintage, and real vintage furniture is known for being much better made than modern furniture. It was made in a day when every single piece of furniture got extra attention rather than being mindlessly mass produced for the sake of speed and bulk sales. This, along with beauty and appeal, is one of the primary reasons why vintage furniture has increased in popularity over the last decade or so.

Yes, consigned furniture is secondhand. This is why they are more cost effective than new furniture you can buy. But consigned furniture is usually brought in by someone who took good care of it and feels confident in its appearance and ability to sell. Furniture that is visually uninteresting, unappealing, or of low quality will not sell as well or will not look good for the consignment store’s reputation This results in being turned away rather than being displayed in the store. Rest assured that any piece of furniture purchased at a consignment store is a good one.

Furniture stores in Destin, FL, as well as around the country vary from thrift, to consignment, to big-business retail. Luckily, the happy medium of a consignment store is considered by some to be the best choice of the three. Unique, beautiful, and high-quality items can be found at a consignment storeand for a significantly lower price than boring, cookie-cutter furniture at the “big stores.”

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Buying Home Furniture on a Budget