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Best Foods for Muscle Development & Getting Ripped Part 2 – Lunch


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The best foods for muscles for lunch don’t have to be very complicated to make them tasty and healthy. When buying good food for muscles at the grocery store, make sure to buy it in bulk as this will save you a lot of money in the long run. Not only that, you can easily cook all your best lunch foods all at once (store the extra portions in the fridge) for the week instead of cooking each day.

A good food for muscle for lunch a chicken breasts. I suggest you not buy deli meats as they are processed and contain a lot of salt and are therefore not as healthy for you and don’t enable you maximize your muscle development. I suggest you buy a big bag of frozen chicken breast and cooked them all at once so you have all your lunches already prepared for you for the entire week.

To do this, put all the chicken breasts in a large deep pan and add a can of tomatoes. Cut up and add some onion, garlic, dried mushrooms and add either some sandwich sprinkle (pre-made spice mix to add great flavor to sandwiches) or pasta sprinkle (pre-made spice mix to add great flavor to pasta). Put the large deep pan into the oven and leave it in for an hour at 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

Once its ready, you can make individual portions for each day and you can eat the chicken breasts in a wrap or with whole wheat bread. Add some salsa and any other vegetable you like to your sand which.

Another good food for muscle is tuna or salmon. You can add flavor buy adding low fat mayo, vinegar, lemon juice and roasted red peppers and then eat it in a wrap or with some whole grain bread.

If you are in a rush and don’t have time to put anything together, one of the best foods for muscle is cereal and low fat or skim milk or low fat or none fat yogurt. When choosing a cereal, make sure it is low in sugar and has a decent amount of protein and lots of fiber.

Choosing good food for muscle doesn’t have to be rocket science and can be quite tasty if you plan it out right. Use these best lunch food suggestions for maximum muscle development the next time you are deciding what to eat for lunch! Until next time, make it a great day everyone!

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Best Foods for Muscle Development & Getting Ripped Part 2 – Lunch