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A deeper insight into the PHP community and you find that this huge developer base is divided into two categories. There are those developers who choose the normal out-of-box PHP and there are the others who swear by their favorite frameworks. So whether you are in for the plain vanilla PHP or you support the frameworks way of doing things, it is all a matter of choice.

A PHP framework can be called a good one if it helps the developer spend lesser time on trying to improve the security, help him make websites that are subsequently easier to upgrade and should also significantly reduce the time spent on building websites and web applications.

So the question arises that why should one use Zend Framework specifically for developing a qualitative website. Zend is currently the PHP framework of choice for enterprise businesses. One can say this with certainty because there is a high demand in the market for Zend PHP certified developers. But just going by the job boards does not make Zend popular, it is also a complete package of advanced features, plugins and free optional downloads. And Zend was built by the makers of PHP. Need we say more?

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Here are some Zend products which make it so popular amongst the developer group.

The first product is the Zend Server, a web application server meant for PHP applications that are crucial from a business point of view. The zend Server helps develop applications faster by offering a consistent, supported, and up-to-date PHP stack which includes in-built PHP caching APIs and Zend Framework built in.The Zend Server also contributes towards rapid and consistent deployment getting applications out into production faster and more reliably. Its ability to optimize application performance, faster problem resolution and scalability to handle load makes it a favourite amongst enterprise users.

The second product is Zend-Right scale cloud solution which is the only solution that enables a business to easily manage a PHP runtime environment in the cloud. Not only does it help deploy PHP applications in the cloud and providing on-demand provisioning coupled with automatic scaling, but also is an enterprise grade secure PHP stack with high availability in the cloud.

The third product from the PHP stable is the Zend studio which is a development environment exclusively for professionals that includes PHP code editing, debugging, profiling, unit testing, diagnostics and more. Thus using the Zend Studio ensures developing and maintaining faster code, quicker problem resolution, cloud-enabled platform and availability of team-oriented development features to increase team collaboration.

Finally the Zend Guard which is the most popular PHP encoding and obfuscation product on the market. Using the Zend Guard protects the PHP application from unlicensed use and reverse engineering thus protecting the intellectual property which is threatened by the increase in availability of commercial applications in PHP.

The products by themselves would not be of much use if you lack a technology partner to make the best use of all these wonderful Zend products to build your PHP application just the way you want it built. Mindfire Solutions, a custom PHP development company from India has more than 10 years of PHP application development experience and is perfectly equipped with a team of Zend certified engineers. To know more about our competence using Zend PHP please refer to our page on Zend applications development.

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