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Portable Tower Hunting Blinds


Ryan Trask

The pursuit of game by man over the years has usually involved some sort of stealth tactic, and evolved into using some variation of natural cover as a hunting blind. Soon, man became savvy and started creating his own hunting blinds, taking advantage of portability in order to follow game migration patterns.

Hunting stands have changed, evolved and varied in design over the years. Location and topography also dictate what type of hunting blind to use. For deer hunting, in many wooded states tree stands are the preferred choice. In prairie states, tower and ground blinds are usually the option.

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Elevated tower blinds have a couple of key advantages over ground blinds. The first is that elevation gives the hunter a broader view of his surroundings. Also, the hunter is often above his prey’s normal line of sight, so slight but quiet movements can go undetected.

Another potential advantage is that the hunter’s scent is often carried above the ground level air currents, thus the elevated hunter may be harder for the deer’s sensitive nose to detect, especially at close range.

Tower blinds are usually permanent structures that overlook an area that consistently draws deer, such as food plots or an agricultural crop that deer may find appetizing. The portable tower blind offers many more advantages. There is no traditional setup and teardown like older conventional blinds, using sockets, wrenches and hammers. You can tow it behind your vehicle, instead of loading it on a trailer.

If the game moves, it is ready to move with it. Plus, no bulky and hazardous ladders-simply get in with your gear, hit the switch and elevate. Likewise when you are ready to leave the blind-hit the switch, de-elevate and walk out.

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