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By Ronald Harry

Have you ever thought about adding to you income with weekend work or even starting a new and exciting path to a more comfortable life? Then maybe you want to consider purchasing a concession stand or trailer. You have seen those trailers at fairs and other regional events and shows. They exist all over the U.S. and it may be time for you to consider bringing in BIG profits with a minimum of expenditure. If that is the case you may want to begin by developing a plan and finding the resources that can lead to big profit margins. With good planning and research you will realize your dream.

A good first step is to search the internet for advice. Books and articles abound and in a little time you can fill your mind with good advice. The resources are almost limitless and include ideas for purchasing a concession stand or trailer, guidelines for the most profitable items to sell, events that might be profitable, forums for sharing information, and even on line sources for purchasing your concession food needs. There is advice on purchasing insurance, resources to help you find out about licensing, and even information on securing necessary permits. The jungle will become clearer and the path to success will bridge to a secure idea that will lead to success.

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The first decision you will need to make is what kind of food and drink items you want to sell. This will probably be your most important decision, so research it with care. The choices you make here will determine if you make sales or watch other venders rake in the profits. Just because a food item appeals to you does not mean that the consumer will feel the same way. Find out what the hot ticket items are and be sure to stock up with plenty of inventory. And remember there are regional favorites and put some flexibility in your plan, especially if you plan to travel a wide area. The old tried and true favorites, such as corn dogs, cotton candy, and funnel cakes are popular almost everywhere. And now there are the turkey legs, burgers, fries, and the good old hot dog.

The next important decision is what kind of concession stand or trailer will best suit you needs. Concession trucks and trailers can be stocked with everything from refrigerators to sinks, from fryers to sinks, and from freezers to ovens. What you will need may vary from the simple push cart hot dog stand to and amazing large truck or trailer that flashes with lights, brightness, music, and your favorite exterior. Customization of both the interior and exterior may lend an eve catching appeal that brings in the big crowds. There is such a wide variety of units available and they can even be built to your specific needs. A unit from practical to fanciful can be designed and built to meet your needs, but used units do exist and may best fit you budget. In either case, you will find sources for new and used units all over the internet.

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