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Fresh Produce Markets for Any Australian Merchant Support


Clive Jamess

Support the Australian farmers and wine makers by purchasing and eating seasonal and locally grown food. The nest place to buy locally produced foods and wines is the farmers market. There are several farmers markets across Australia of which there is a directory available from the AFMA. For example the Armidale farmers market provides seasonal and fresh local produce, wine, homemade gourmet foods and plants. On the last Sunday of each month there are markets that provide an increasing variety of fresh produce, wine and a variety of foods. There is a wide variety of seasonal fresh produce that can be obtained such as asparagus, broccoli, cucumber, tomatoes, potatoes, melons, celery, corn, seasonal fruits and herbs, nuts and other. In addition many Australians that have large gardens have started growing their own local and seasonal produce all year round.

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A simple and effective way of reducing the impact on the environment is by changing our eating habits which in turn reduces industrial and transport energy, addresses climate change as well as supports the local farmers and the local communities. By purchasing from

, you will benefit from a healthy diverse diet year round and at the same time also be supporting the AFMA which advocates produce diversity and low impact farming. For example the Victoria region is well known for its bountiful, diverse fresh local produce where one can taste in a variety of ways the region s best produce from market sellers; pick your own, gourmet deli trails, roadside stalls, shop fronts, food festivals and more. One can gather fresh regional produce for a healthy picnic lunch at the Dandenong ranges and Yarra Valley where you can take full advantage of cheeses, fresh fruit and vegetables, ice creams and poultry. Follow the food trail in the Yarra Valley to either pick your own or visit the food hot spots. Australians can buy directly from fresh produce retailers, farm gates, orchids and roadside stalls. Enjoy a meal at one of the many regional restaurants or cafes in the region that provide a tempting array of speciality seasonal produce and gourmet sensations that includes fine wine, fresh fish, cheese, pasta, persimmons and more.

Enjoy a morning out at the fresh produce markets that are laden with homemade delicacies and fresh produce and at the same time get information on the provenance of your food. Visit the various farms and enjoy eating your own freshly picked cherries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries. For a fun filled family day out visit the trout and salmon farm where you can either catch the fish yourself or buy directly from the farmer, and much more to enjoy.

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