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By Seomul Evans

An increasing number of medical facilities are turning to health marketing as a way to attract more patients. This includes hospital marketing, especially when it comes to elective procedures or ongoing care. Because so many people today get most of their information from the internet, internet marketing techniques are increasingly being used when it comes to marketing for medical sites.

Here are 5 tips for effective health marketing:

1. Make sure that medical sites are professional designed

It makes sense to have a professional website designer construct your medical sites so that those who visit them are impressed. An unimpressive site will turn off anyone who is seeking medical care faster than a Ferrari. This is one area where you do not want to skimp. Think about it, if you went to a doctor’s office would you feel confident if the office was in a shambles? It’s the same with a website. The appearance of your medical website is what will form the first impression with the client.

In addition to being professionally designed, the site should also be well equipped to handle a variety of different browsers. You should include optional video as well as photos on your medical sites as these help to catch the eye of the reader and also help to keep the interest levels high. As many people may be perusing your medical sites from work, it is best to keep the sound as an option rather than have it blast out. You want your medical sites to look professional and state of the art if you are to instill any confidence in potential clients.

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2. Make sure that you use medical search engine optimization

Search engine optimization means making your website and content friendly so that the search engines can pick up keywords and phrases and place the site accordingly in the rankings of the search engines. The better the hospital marketing team is at search engine optimization, or SEO, the more the chances of being sighted by the search engine robots and the higher your site will rank.

3. Use article marketing

Be sure to take advantage of free article distribution sites that you can discuss the medical information and lead people to your site. You should make sure that they have a working link to your site as well as proper medical SEO in the articles.

4. Use video marketing

You can also take advantage of video sites that allow for free distribution when it comes to hospital marketing. You may want to demonstrate medical supplies or other techniques on your video. Be sure that the tags used for your videos contain hospital SEO so that the video will be picked up easily in the search engines.

5. Use book marking

Make sure that any of your hospital marketing techniques such as article marketing are put into book marking sites to increase the number of live links to your site. The more live links you have to your medical sites, the higher they will rank in the search engine results pages.

Health marketing should encompass all of the basics of internet marketing but have a serious undertone. The reader should be able to glean information from the hospital SEO articles as well as from the website and feel confident in the medical procedures or medical supplies that are being offered by the staff. Using a professional website design, quality and informative articles as well as other health marketing tips will increase traffic to your medical hospital website and can also increase the number of patients who visit your hospital with trust and assurance.

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